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Enhance your QC and Processing capabilities with our Processing Consultancy team

Shearwater provides a processing consultancy service to other marine acquisition contractors using our proprietary Reveal software and processing geophysicists.  We also provide consultancy to exploration companies and contractors who licence Shearwater’s Reveal Software and require additional support. 
Consultancy Highlights:

Access to Shearwater’s Reveal Software

Fixed term access to Shearwater’s experienced geophysicists

Experienced geophysicists available at a competitive day-rate basis to work independently or in combination with client personnel both offshore and onshore

Remote and local processing supervision

R&D projects

Training tailored to client requirements

Processing hardware design, implementation & support

Experience in 2D/3D exploration seismic, high-resolution seismic, ocean bottom nodes, permanent reservoir monitoring

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    At Shearwater our Multi-Client Team has extensive experience in building world class modern data libraries to help our clients evaluate new plays in established hydrocarbon exploration and production.

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