OpenCPS Software

Shearwater’s OpenCPS is the most modern seismic processing software in the industry.

Entirely developed in the 21st century, OpenCPS provides land and marine, time and depth processing and imaging all within a single user interface. OpenCPS is licensed to oil companies, contractors, consultants, academia and available for purchase; email for more information. Moreover, Shearwater use it internally for all our land and marine processing projects, so you can be sure it is continuously maintained and new features are regularly added.

OpenCPS couples a modern graphical user interface with advanced processing and imaging algorithms all the way from real time QC on vessels through to model building and depth imaging. OpenCPS's inherent interactivity leads to faster and more accurate decision making.  With its advanced batch job management, parallel processing and cluster scalability this easy to use software allows the geophysicist to achieve an efficient turnaround.

OpenCPS provides a seamless interface for: 

Land and Marine

Real Time Quality Control

Onboard QC & processing

Time processing and imaging

Depth model building and imaging

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