Irene Waage Basili, CEO : ‘I hold a sincere belief that our employees of today are the foundation of the successes that we look forward to in the future’

All together

At Shearwater we are very well aware of our place in the geophysical contractor market and our ability to compete successfully and how to increase our impact every day. We have an acute understanding that our people are central to the delivery of our strategy.

Having an inclusive culture we encourage open communication of our ambitions through one-to-one and team discussions with whole-Company Town Hall Meetings where we invite everyone to contribute.


Being straight-forward with people goes a long way in clearly communicating information, directing activities and avoiding errors. We expect everyone to ask for support when they need it. Training and development is not only directed by the management, but also identified by our employees. The competency frameworks we have in place have been created by our own highly competent people. We structure our success.


By encouraging our employees to ‘speak up’ we achieve the delivery of our services to our clients with the utmost efficiency and to the best of our capabilities.

Being the best

In short, our people are our competitive advantage.





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    At Shearwater our Multi-Client Team has extensive experience in building world class modern data libraries to help our clients evaluate new plays in established hydrocarbon exploration and production.

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