Our Board of Directors
  • Karl-Johan Gombrii

    Chairman of the Board

    Karl-Johan Gombrii has more than 40 years shipping experience, most of which as a practising lawyer, both as litigator and commercial adviser, with focus on chartering, new building and sale and purchase of vessels as well as on agency, brokerage and insurance contracts. Mr Gombrii is an experienced arbitrator in shipping, shipbuilding and insurance matters. Mr. Gombrii holds a Master of Law from Uppsala University in Sweden. 

  • Paul-Christian Rieber

    Board Director 

    Paul-Christian Rieber is the CEO of GC Rieber, and is actively involved as Chairman of the Board of most of the companies in the GC Rieber Group and in the liberal think tank Civita.  

    Mr. Rieber holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and an MBA from the International Management Institute (IMI) Geneva.

  • Einar Ytredal

    Board Director

    Einar Ytredal is acting CEO of GC Rieber Shipping since November 2016. 

    He has worked with the company since 2007, first as Vice President Finance and then as CFO since September 2011. Prior to this Mr. Ytredal worked for seven years in Deloitte. 

    Mr Ytredal has an MSc in Economics and Business Administration as well as an MSc in Accounting and Auditing.

  • Trygve Lauvdal

    Board Director

    Trygve Lauvdal is portfolio manager at RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS, a position he assumed in 2010. He has nine years of equity research experience from DNB, specializing in the technology sector from 2001 to 2008 and the industrial- and renewable energy sector from 2008 to 2010. He started his career at ABB in 1997. 

    Mr Lauvdal holds a PhD in engineering cybernetics from NTNU.

  • Stein Vidar Håland

     Board Director

    Stein Vidar Håland has been a part of Rasmussengruppen since 1976, and today he holds the position as CFO for Rasmussengruppen. Mr. Håland holds a degree from Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH). 


  • Øystein Kvåle

    Deputy Board Member

    Øystein Kvåle was appointed acting CFO of GC Rieber Shipping November 2016. He has been employed with GC Rieber AS since 2014. Prior to this he worked six years at the Boston Consulting Group . Mr Kvåle holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics and Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

  • Dag Rasmussen

    Deputy Board Member

    Dag Rasmussen is board member and CEO of Rasmussengruppen AS. Mr Rasmussen has worked in the shipping department of Kreditkassen in London, and from 1998 he has been a part of Rasmussengruppen, as CEO from 2005 and as a Director of the Board from 2000. Mr Rasmussen holds an education in ships technique from NTH, and a M.Sc. in Shipping Trade and Finance from City University in London. 




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