Lunch & Learn Sessions with Shearwater

Shearwater GeoServices are opening our doors to you, as a client or just out of curiosity, to join us for technical sessions over lunch.

Do you want to learn more about FlexiSource? Or would you like a one-to-one demo on interactive processing in OpenCPS Software? Our team will show you how we reveal the possibilities and tailor your session to any topic of your choosing.

To book your personalised Lunch & Learn email our sales team today:




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  • Multi-Client

    At Shearwater our Multi-Client Team has extensive experience in building world class modern data libraries to help our clients evaluate new plays in established hydrocarbon exploration and production.

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    Bergen: +47 55 38 75 00
    UK: +44 (0) 1892 701000
    USA: +1 (281) 921 8020
    Singapore: ++65 6597 0987



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