Shearwater's Flexisource is a combination of multiple, overlapping sources, continuous recording and advanced de-blending techniques to separate the data into individual, non-overlapping shot records. FlexiSource can be deployed with three or more source arrays providing opportunities for higher quality data or lower cost and faster acquisition. The choice is yours.  

Today, Flexisource's continuous recording and de-blending provide a renaissance in multiple source acquisition. You no longer have to wait for one record to finish before activating the next source – the shot records can be allowed to overlap. The overlap, with de-blending, means you no longer sacrifice fold for efficiency.  One way to think of this is as an increase in source effort. This extra effort gives a dividend that can be used to improve crossline sampling, or to improve efficiency, or both.

Coverage and crossline spacing 10 x 200 x 3 sources, Crossline spacing 33.33m 

Shearwater's standard Flexisource acquisition configuration deploys 6 gun strings arranged as 3 two string source arrays. Each array has lower energy output than a three string array but this is compensated for by the decreased time between shots. Moreover, a two string array is closer to a point source in the crossline direction providing directionality benefits for out of plane energy.

If even greater energy is your priority, Flexisource can also be deployed with up to 9 gun strings providing, for example, no compromise, triple source acquisition with each source having 3 gun strings. Alternatively, the additional gun strings provide you with the flexibility to go beyond 3 source arrays.

Moreover, all Shearwater's source arrays have ultra long, digital umbilicals meaning that even with multiple sources and ultra wide tow streamer configurations, we still provide inline near offsets below 100m.

Coverage and crossline spacing 12 x 150 x 3 sources, Crossline spacing 25m


Coverage and crossline spacing 12 x 75 x 3 sources, Crossline spacing 12.5m


Flexisource Raw Stack Before De-blending

Flexisource Raw Stack After De-blending

The examples show how Flexisource can be adapted to a wide variety of geologic conditions, without compromising efficiency.  Acquiring 12.5m CMP lines, with no interpolation, opens up imaging and operational possibilities that were out of reach just a few years ago.  For more information on how FlexiSource can be applied to your next project, contact your regional Shearwater Sales Representative.

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