• Tas Weedon

    Team Leader, Tunbridge Wells

    “Coming to shearwater as a processing team leader from another company, I immediately settled in to the friendly and interactive atmosphere in the Tunbridge Wells office. The work environment and software made it very easy to get involved quickly, and my close relationship with peers and managers makes day to day work life enjoyable. There are lots of technically challenging projects to work on which keeps things interesting whilst being able to maintain a good work/life balance.”

  • Anneka Ferguson

    Shift Leader Geophysicist, Offshore

    "Being offshore has the benefit of working a 6 weeks on  / 6 weeks off rotation. During my time off I love to travel and this lifestyle helps me to truly experience other countries. I enjoy the benefits of working on modern vessels with great facilities to keep us entertained and fit during our rest periods."

  • Taz Sharip  

    Crewing Administrator, Singapore

    "I have supported offshore crews for a long time and with different geophysical contractors. I especially enjoy the variety of issues that I manage and I get to communicate with many different people. Since Shearwater was formed there has been a positive attitude that has prevailed and it makes a big difference in how people interact with each other."

  • Maria Harrington

    Marketing Communications & Events Coordinator, Tunbridge Wells

    "Having worked for a number of years for various oil companies (including 2 super majors), I joined to support the Multi-Client business in 2012. Since then I have moved to the Marketing Team. I have found that despite the change in function, people behave in the same respectful way that makes coming to work a pleasure, even when we are all under pressure."

  • Camilo Perez

    Research Geophysicist, Houston

    "Shearwater has been my first major employer since graduating from The University of Texas. My particular duties are to match up software development with processing experience. I enjoy getting a true sense of how progress in software development translates into improvements to processing capabilities. I recently spent 3 months in the UK on a project, which was a great experience."

  • Clare Grice

    QA Supervisor, Tunbridge Wells

    "I joined as a processing Team Leader in 2013 from another geophysical contractor. It was instantly apparent that people were very approachable and welcoming. Today, at Shearwater, in the same way, I try to make new staff feel part of the team and I like to help grow their confidence. In my work I bring together the focus values, the technical competency framework and the improvements on how we process data. I enjoy the variety of work and how my work interacts with so many different parts of the business."

  • Arne Hjartnes

    Financial Controller, Bergen

    "I started working for Shearwater just after completing my Master's Degree in Finance, and am very excited to be working in a young and dynamic company within the seismic industry. Even when the market is tough, Shearwater's culture remains strong and ambitious. We are regularly reminded that we are part of an overall team delivering excellent seismic services. This feeling of inclusiveness is just one element that makes Shearwater an excellent employer."

  • Mike Staddon

    Senior Geophysicist, Offshore Support 

    "I am a Senior Geophysicist with the onboard support team. I recently transferred to this department after returning from Mumbai I was where I was supporting local nationals to process data that our vessels had acquired previously in the region. The project had moments of high pressure but the team atmosphere was always positive and we had both the time and the facilities to relax too. It was a great experience but it is good to be back in Tunbridge Wells to work on a variety of projects again."

  • Peter Nyhuus

    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Asker

    "I joined WesternGeco in 2006, and transferred to Shearwater in November 2018 as part of the purchase of WesternGeco Marine Acquisition by Shearwater. Working with new product development at Shearwater gives an opportunity for engineers to work in multidisciplinary project teams consisting of mechanical, electrical, embedded software, software, signal processing, and manufacturing engineers in an international company. I thoroughly enjoy being able follow our products from concept phase, through prototyping and manufacturing introduction, to field introduction onboard our seismic vessels."

  • Sara Amar

    Program Manager

    "I have worked in the seismic business since I graduated end of 2007, first as a Software Engineer then as a project manager for various software and hardware projects and now as the Program Manager for the development of the next generation marine seismic streamer. This is a multi-disciplinary engineering project integrating several advanced technologies. Developing and delivering new technologies to the seismic market has been a most rewarding experience both technically and professionally. One of the highlights of my career has been the opportunity to visit several marine vessels to qualify new equipment in various locations in the world.  Those are always excellent times to see the equipment being used commercially and learn more about the reality of our business."