28th March 2018

The future is Clearly Better: Shearwater presents

The second annual technical seminar saw record attendance and interest, not only in the geophysical services Shearwater has to offer, but also in how the services are delivered. This year’s event was held in the Grade II listed DeVere Grand Connaught Rooms. Within its grand Georgian architecture and art-deco interiors, a large audience from the oil & gas community came along to hear the possibilities Shearwater can reveal in 2018.

A common theme throughout the seminar was Focus. Focus  is simply the Shearwater culture. Driven through the employee engagement program it clearly aligns our culture with our strategy. The initiative, launched in 2017, identifies key behaviours to create a working environment and values which employees can be proud of and deliver clearly better results to all Shearwater clients.

The first session focused on FlexiSource, which is the combination of the way source arrays are towed, plus de-blending of overlapping shots. A review of our 2017 performance and large scale experience of triple source, FlexiSource-3,  demonstrated that Shearwater delivered clearly better production statistics in various tough environments. Careful onboard QC of the shot-by shot far field signatures using SharpSig was used to monitor the dual-string performance tightly and also to demonstrate both the ability and the requirement to fully correct for gun drop outs in smaller arrays. More sources is great, but they have to be good sources as well.,  thus establishing ourselves as a market leader. Looking ahead, recent field tests demonstrated moving beyond FlexiSource-3 with further innovative towing geometries.. The breadth and depth of the talks were impressive  and demonstrated the significant investment in R&D by a company our size which. puts us at the forefront of seismic technologies.

Following a short, discussion filled coffee break, session two focused on processing & imaging. The first presentations brought fresh air to the usual technology heavy topics, reviewing Shearwater’s flexible and leading fast-track processing and how we deliver The Shearwater Way onshore. Offshore it was down to integration and flexibility of the crews, seismic teams and onshore supervision to deliver high-quality fast-track products to clients within very tight timelines. This is achieved through the hard work and dedication of all employees and the power of the Shearwater Reveal processing package, resulting in fit for purpose volumes, delivered early to clients for early interpretation. Onshore, the focus was once again on people and how they and the culture drives Shearwater’s geophysicists to deliver the right products to the market. Through the implementation of Focus and key initiatives it is clear Shearwater has a passion for people and geoscience.

Moving onto land seismic (no that isn’t a typo) Shearwater now does land seismic processing & imaging. In fact, in one year, Shearwater has performed and had repeat multiple projects from six oil and gas companies. This includes reprocessing projects, which delivered clearly better results than previous contractor processing. During the technical seminar we had our software teams on-hand to demonstrate the flexibility in Land Processing using Reveal.

Concluding the presentations was Depth Imaging and some hot off the press data examples from, Asia, UK CNS and the Mediterranean Sea. Not only did these examples demonstrate superior subsurface imaging within areas of different geological complexities, but also new applications of Dual Azimuth PSDM, Azimuthal NMO and 3D FWI, using the Imperial Consortium code which has been integrated into the Reveal software package.

The seminar closed with a drinks reception giving attendees more opportunity to discuss the topics presented and the future opportunities which Shearwater are heading into with the team of Shearwater employees on hand. One question to finish on though, where is the technical road show heading to next? Answer: Stavanger and Oslo. To find out more email sales@shearwatergeo.com

Stephen Grice - Sales Manager, Processing & Imaging