Collaboration with Shearwater Delivers Clearly Better Seismic.

12th June 2018

Over the past decade demands on processing and imaging contractors has grown. Contractors are being asked to deliver higher quality seismic data in larger volumes, utilising more complex technologies within shorter turnaround times at lower cost. So how have these conflicting requirements been met?

One solution is to increase the available resources on a project. Whether it is extra computer power via high-speed GPUs and Cloud Computing, or more personnel, both can reduce turnaround time, but how about the quality?

During the panel session at the SPE Seismic2018 conference, a key area of discussion was the need to shorten the acquisition and processing timeline, to deliver data quicker and better, allowing for improved decision making and de-risking of targets. One discussed option was to improve the communication and collaboration between companies. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that closer collaboration between client and contractor results can achieve these aims.

Project collaboration is a key part of the inclusive culture at Shearwater. While we can quickly increase computer power and personnel resources on a project, it is also the testing, QC and client approval time that if delayed, adds time to a project schedule. If we can work closer, interact and collaborate, then QC and testing can be sped up as well as the production stages.

At Shearwater, we achieve this through the combination of our Reveal processing software and our agile processing teams. By utilising the flexibility of our geophysicists and powerful processing software, we can implement a local resource to work with or in a client’s office during a project. This enables test results, velocity files, and intermediate datasets to be transferred in internal Reveal format, allowing the client to unzip these straight to their desktop.

An example of this was announced back in October 2017 <3D Fast-Track Pre-Stack Depth Migration in Eastern Mediterranean>. For this acquisition project, we delivered a high quality Fast Track PreSDM in 4 weeks from last shot. This was achieved through close integration between our onshore and offshore processing departments. By working with Edison, we were able to assign a client representative to the survey vessel, which allowed quick and informed decisions to be made during the acquisition. This resulted in the production of a high-quality seismic volume within an accelerated timeframe.

We aim to apply this collaboration on every product, becoming a trusted processing partner and not just a processing contractor. More recent examples have occurred working with Sound Energy in the 3D and 2D processing of land data, working together closely to deliver new modern seismic across their Easter Morocco Licenses <Pre-Stack Time and Depth Migration, Onshore Morocco>.

Finally, one of our most successful, long-term collaborative relationships is with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Since 2013, Shearwater has processed over 40,000 km of 2D marine seismic from areas in the Barents Sea North, not yet opened for petroleum activity (refer to map).

These projects included different acquisition configurations, conventional and broadband processing, the challenges of shallow water depth with a hard, corrugated seafloor, resulting in complicated multiple removal and noise attenuation. Through the combination of Reveal and our experienced geophysicists, we were able to work closely with the NPD to deliver high quality seismic volumes in every year since 2013. In 2018 the NPD decided to purchase Reveal as their ‘in-house’ data processing software. 

While turnaround times can be sped up by additional computer power and assigning more people, and quality can be improved with the application of more complex algorithms, it is the contractor’s experienced geophysicists and oil company geoscientists who are at the core of every project. When these two teams work closer together, Shearwater can deliver Clearly Better Results.