Shearwater and Spectrum Announce Software Agreement

12th June 2018

Shearwater GeoServices and Spectrum announced today they have signed an agreement to provide Shearwater Reveal software to Spectrum’s seismic imaging division.

Following a thorough evaluation of commercially available seismic processing software, Spectrum chose Reveal for its modern, easily extensible platform and highly interactive capabilities. The software allows for rapid testing of advanced workflows and parameter selection. This promotes high productivity and better quality results. The programming interface allows Spectrum to insert its own proprietary technologies into the same environment for seamless workflows.  Spectrum will be working closely with the Processing & Imaging division at Shearwater to implement Reveal and ensure the highest quality of results are achieved.

Mike Mellen, Executive Vice President – Seismic Imaging at Spectrum commented, “Spectrum has been in the Seismic Imaging business for more than 30 years. We image more 2D seismic data annually than anyone in the industry. Our agreement with Shearwater provides us with the most modern commercial seismic processing platform available on the market today. Together with our own proprietary technologies we are reinvigorating our capability to efficiently deliver high quality 2D and 3D seismic products to our multi-client and proprietary customers.” 

Roy Bampton, Vice President Software at Shearwater GeoServices commented, “Shearwater developed Reveal to provide industry with a suite of modern, interactive, and user-friendly P&I software, and we’re pleased that Spectrum recognises the value this product provides to satisfy their future objectives.

Simon Telfer, Vice President Processing & Imaging at Shearwater GeoServices commented, “We are looking forward to working closely with the Seismic Imaging division at Spectrum to implement Reveal and deliver the highest quality data to their customers.  Shearwater has developed an excellent reputation for our Processing & Imaging services using Reveal and a close cooperation with Spectrum will benefit both companies.”

About Shearwater GeoServices

Shearwater GeoServices is a marine geophysical services company jointly owned by GC Rieber Shipping ASA and RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS.  The company has a fleet of four modern seismic vessels, a broad offering of high quality geophysical services including advanced software, processing and acquisition techniques, and two owners with complementary skills and collectively a long experience in the industry.

About Spectrum

Spectrum provides innovative Multi-Client seismic surveys and high-quality seismic imaging services to the global oil and gas industry from offices in the Norway, UK, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Spectrum designs, acquires and processes seismic data to deliver high quality solutions through its dedicated and experienced workforce. 

Spectrum holds the world’s largest library of Multi-Client 2D marine seismic data and a significant amount of 3D seismic. The company’s strategy focuses on both the major, established hydrocarbon-producing regions of the world as well as key frontier areas identified by our experienced team of geoscientists. The Spectrum library of Multi-Client data contains projects from many of the foremost oil producing regions of the world. These include new acquisition, reprocessing and interpretation reports.