Operational Flexibility

Enhanced acquisition productivity 

IsoMetrix 3D wavefield reconstruction provides more flexibility in efficient survey designs—for example, shooting strike rather than dip for more advantageous currents or border regimes without compromising geophysical quality. It can also complement other Shearwater marine acquisition productivity techniques, including

Coil Shooting; full-azimuth acquisition

Continuous Line Acquisition for acquiring marine seismic data during turns

Fan shooting mode.

Multipurpose seismic surveys

IsoMetrix technology enables you to gain more from your investment. Accelerated fast-track products can be delivered based on a sub-sampled version of the IsoGrid (a 6.25-m x 6.25-m surface grid of data) providing an opportunity to reprocess the same data in the future and pursue a high-resolution processing and imaging workflow based on the dense IsoGrid data. Examples include a large-scale survey acquired for exploration objectives, subsequently revisited to provide a targeted dataset for appraisal and field development planning. Alternatively, fine isometric sampling can be used for well design, such as high-resolution shallow-hazard volumes, but derived from datasets acquired for deeper reservoir characterization studies.

Extended weather window

Ocean waves create noise in the measurements, particularly when streamers are towed close to the sea surface. Conventional seismic surveys are prone to significant non-productive time because of adverse weather and sea states. The 3D de-ghosting capability means IsoMetrix streamers can be towed deeper than conventional systems across the full offset range. This helps boost the low frequency content, as well as providing access to quieter environments without compromising temporal bandwidth