Shearwater Reveal to Sponsor one of Germany's Largest Universities

2nd October 2018

Shearwater GeoServices Ltd. is to sponsor one of Germany’s largest universities for Research & Education. The Institute of Geophysics Hamburg University will incorporate Shearwater’s Reveal processing software to educate students and assist with processing data for academic research.

Dr Jan Walda at Hamburg University who piloted the software mentioned: “We particularly like the visualization tools for 2D and 3D data and how easy it is to navigate, compare processing steps and overlay attributes and seismic. The setup of workflows is very intuitive and the option to add custom Python code and external software is very helpful for research purposes.

I hardly passed a day without learning new things about the software, which I personally found very interesting. While there is a lot to learn and figure out when starting, the principle modular structure and GUI of Reveal is very intuitive and enables fast and efficient navigation, QC and workflow management. The feedback of our students who tested Reveal was very positive and they wanted to try out more than they were able to at this point.

We think Reveal would be a tremendous benefit for our B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and help them during their studies and making their respective thesis.”

Reveal, its new proprietary software that performs time and depth processing and imaging for both land and marine data within a single user interface. Reveal has been designed and built entirely within the 21st Century which makes it truly unique in the industry bearing in mind that the clear majority of the other processing packages available have their origins back in the 1970s and 1980s.

A dedicated Reveal R&D team ensures continuous development and rapid deployment of new functionality and response to customer requirements.

This highly intuitive, interactive and adaptable platform has the flexibility to be scaled to run on a laptop in the field through to the largest data centre. Processing results are displayed in real time which gives a better understanding of how the data is being affected, allowing for more informed decision making. It is used on the Shearwater vessel’s in their processing hubs and of course in their “pop-up” centres.

Reveal also provides a developer’s environment to customers who want the flexibility to integrate their own existing workflows and processing systems bringing new life to old code.

Shearwater’s REVEAL team are to implement the software which will enable students to use and incorporate as part of a module during their academic year starting in the summer semester.

Further Information:

Vist the Reveal web page Or contact the Reveal team directly;

Hamburg University