Philipa, Sales Geophysicist, explains where her passion for seismic comes from

My favourite subject at school was physical geography where I was interested in earthquakes and volcanoes, this led to me studying geology at University and then into a career of geophysics - my first job was processing seismic data. I have worked in different roles and in several companies and had opportunities to travel and experience living in other countries including Australia, USA and Norway.
  • I always wanted to work in science, and I consider myself to be fortunate to work in this highly technical industry and enjoy it in a great number of ways. But what has always interested me is the changing and challenging environment – no two days have ever been the same.
    My current job is a sales geophysicist, this is role that offers new challenges every day and keeps me interested and my technical knowledge of the industry is always growing. In essence my role is as a problem solver, whether it be a technical issue, business related or a financial aspect of a project. I work in a vibrant and dynamic team who make each day enjoyable. I also attend conferences which enables me to meet new people from different cultures and across the whole range of roles in the industry, these can be in some far flung corner of the world which I love going to.
Outside of work I am a Brownie leader which I really enjoy as it is completely different to my day to day job and enables me to share my love of science with girls aged 7 – 10.  I also love to travel to new places and admire the geology of the world and I am still fascinated by earthquakes and volcanoes!

Philipa - Sales Geophysicist, UK

As part of the United Nations' International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Shearwater GeoServices is celebrating our staff and sharing their stories.