High-Quality, cost-effective acquisition technologies

Shearwater offers high-quality seabed solutions for a range of environments, from deep-water ROV node, shallow-water node, Qseabed ocean bottom cable and hybrid combinations with towed-streamer technologies. Seabed acquisition is a rapidly growing area of the seismic market, leveraging novel techniques and technologies to achieve improved cost and quality. Our broad portfolio of cost-effective, high-quality seabed seismic acquisition technologies is complemented by processing and imaging powered by Reveal.

Triple source triple array wide tow, the most powerful source

Shearwater has built a unique source capability, with two nine gun array triple source equipped vessels capable of wide tow. What you used to do with three vessels you can now do with two safe, high-quality geophysical source vessels. There is no other efficient source capability like it in the industry. These are ideal for deployment in large scale deep-water acquisition, or for high efficiency shallow-water surveys.

The Source of Your Success

Shearwater ocean bottom solutions are complemented by sophisticated source options, including azimuthally invariant source arrays (AISAs), calibrated marine sources, eSource bandwidth-controlled seismic source technology, and of course our triple source triple array wide tow sources.

Deep-Water ROV Nodal Acquisition

We deploy our unique source capability, together with our operational excellence, HSE culture, and geophysical flexibility to deliver high-quality cost efficient deepwater ocean bottom acquisition. We are integrated, from sensor to image, providing acquisition, quality control, processing & imaging. Our offer is based on established nodal technology, combined with our own vessels, crews, and focus.

Shallow-Water Nodal Acquisition

Shearwater’s Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPVs) are equipped for shallow-water ocean bottom sensor deployment, source, and towed streamer seismic. This unique flexibility allows us to deploy high-quality, safe, efficient operations for large scale Nodes-On-A-Rope (NOAR) acquisition, hybrid acquisition, source operations, and 2D/3D/4D towed streamer. Our vessels are equipped with Reveal processing enabling fast track processing and imaging in the field, and real time decision making.

Qseabed multicomponent system

The Qseabed system is a cable ocean bottom system allowing live QC of shallow-water, coupled with excellent quality geophone accelerometer response.  Think of these as nodes with live QC, established as the tool of choice for reservoir characterization and monitoring. The system has a track record in the North Sea, Caribbean, Angola, the Mediterranean, and the Arabian Sea. The features of the system include: uniform seafloor coupling for improved wavefield fidelity, geophone accelerometer response for increased bandwidth for better definition, calibrated hydrophones offering better amplitude stability, integrated positioning, responsive real-time survey control, and improved source signal for reduced survey time.  

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