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​Our Culture

Shearwater GeoServices was incorporated as a new business in 2016. The owners GC Rieber Shipping and Rasmussengruppen took the bold step of bringing experienced staff together from existing processing centres, marine operations offices and a software house under the new Shearwater label.

From the outset, in the midst of an industry downturn Shearwater has set the tone as the ambitious player in the geophysical contracting industry. This attitude pervades all levels within the company, which makes it a great place to work.

Dynamic and ambitious are two of the five words we use to define our culture. We believe a solid culture is an essential part to each of our employees’ careers. By providing a strong foundation of what Shearwater hold most important our teams understand their expectations and recognize positive behaviors, enabling careers and the company to grow continuously.

Shearwater has captured the imagination of existing and new clients, which has definitely been a key contributing factor to the growth in business experienced to date. New Shearwater staff quickly become aware of how much they are valued and how this translates into the overall success of the business. Shearwater, in turn, is grateful for the contributions of the whole team.

At Shearwater we believe in a shared working culture, whereby all our global offices and associated staff promote the same five behaviors.

Our employee engagement program ‘focus’ provides all employees with the training and understanding of Shearwaters’ expectations. With focus, we continually reinforce our culture as the business achieves each stage of our strategy. Shearwater has a strong desire to build an environment in which employees enjoy coming to work.

“I hold a sincere belief that our employees of today are the foundation of the successes that we look forward to in the future.”

Irene Waage Basili, CEO Shearwater

  • SAFE


    Safe behavior in this industry is paramount. Shearwater employees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with our safety tools and use of our management system for incident reporting. We have found a direct correlation between an increase in safety interactions and a decrease in incidents. This motivates our management team to keep ‘safe’ as our No1 priority and to promote it as top of the list of our focus culture.

  • Inclusive


    At Shearwater we are very well aware of our place in the geophysical contractor market and our ability to compete successfully and how to increase our impact every day. We have an acute understanding that our people are central to the delivery of our strategy. Having an inclusive culture we encourage open communication of our ambitions through one-to-one and team discussions with whole-Company Town Hall Meetings where we invite everyone to contribute.

  • Respectful

    FOCUS ON Successful relationships

    Being straightforward with people goes a long way in clearly communicating information, directing activities and avoiding errors. We expect everyone to ask for support when they need it. Training and development is not only directed by the management, but also identified by our employees. The competency frameworks we have in place have been created by our own highly competent people. We structure our success.

  • dynamic

    FOCUS ON striving ahead

    In our business we understand the need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or variations in client requirements. We often refer to this as being ‘nimble’. Many of our industry peers find quick reactions harder to achieve. This gives us a clear competitive advantage. For this reason it is easy for us to recognise how dynamic we are and how important this is to winning market share.

  • Ambitious

    FOCUS ON being the best

    Ambition is encouraged for individuals in pursuit of career progression. It is recognised by all employees that in Shearwater ambition is the achievement of personal goals to deliver for the business first. Persistent success leads to an expectation on managers to ensure both recognition and progression. Ambition is in Shearwater’s DNA as a system of progressive goals to become the obvious choice in the world of oil & gas exploration.

  • The Shearwater Social Committee regularly organizes social events for employees to encourage inclusiveness and team building across departments.