What is Monsoon?

Monsoon is Shearwater's digital cloud program. It covers the way we Access data via the Cloud, Collaborate via the Cloud, and provide Flexibility via the Cloud.

With Monsoon we are bringing the power of cloud to Seismic.

Who is Monsoon for?

Monsoon is for our clients and comes with the project experience you’ll get as a customer of Shearwater acquisition and processing. Shearwater is investing in many different initiatives around Cloud, and we’ve chosen to group these in a program called Monsoon. Some things you will recognize as the flexible way we work already, but others will be new. You’ll see our approach to Cloud continue to develop rapidly.


We are using the flexibility of cloud along with our on-premises solutions to be nimble and quickly adapt to meet our customers and the market’s needs for HPC. Today we still need on-premises computing as part of our solution, but cloud is changing how we think, from flexing resources required to handle large compute crunches that historically have caused bottle necking problems in our industries dedicated processing centres, to rapid set up of remote pop-up process centres. With resources scalable according to demand it means we can be highly productive while retaining the flexible and competitive nature Shearwater is known for.

  • Burst

  • Hybrid

  • Full


Monsoon enables us to collaborate on a global scale, better engaging our teams and our customers teams, working together as one team, maximizing their shared value of information to achieve the best results. Our teams are often remote from our customers. Through the recent periods of lock down we experience highly effective adaption of how we work, enabling us to move from office environments to Geophysics from Home seamlessly. We are taking this further, improving the way we interact with our geophysics teams in remote locations or even onboard our vessels. This is enabling us to push further and add more value at earlier stages.


We are harnessing the power of cloud to give unprecedented access to project data securely. whether it is access to Shearwater’s Processing and Imaging teams test results, or rapid access to final deliverables or perhaps the need for Shearwater geophysicists to access key data being shared by our clients on a project with us, we can simplify data exchange, minimizing data movement and duplication of data. We can use either internet connections or cloud transfer devices depending on circumstances all while still honoring data sovereignty regulations that challenge how we work in many locations.

At Shearwater we aren’t pushing our customers to use our cloud or any other specific cloud for that matter. We can select cloud environment we use based on geography, economics and of course to match our customers plans. We recognize that Cloud is most efficient when we minimize data movement, and also that our customers haven’t all converged on one cloud provider, so with Monsoon we take an approach that is agnostic of cloud provider, ready and able to operate on all major platforms to fit with our customers own internal programs.





With Monsoon we are bringing the power of cloud to Seismic.


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