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​Covid19 Response

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, Shearwater has proactively taken steps to manage the situation. Group health advisories are regularly updated to reflect changes that take place as the pandemic progresses

All operations and decisions continue to be made in compliance with local and international regulations, which are being monitored on a daily basis for changes and updates.

Since January 2020, Shearwater has taken specific actions related to its business to maintain employee and stakeholder health and business continuity, in accordance to multiple Risk Assessments made at the Personal Health, Project and Enterprise level:

Company-wide COVID-19 awareness programmes, continually updated since January 2020

Pre-travel screening procedures for marine acquisition crews

Antibody test kits and training made available to medics onboard vessels

Onboard Social distancing implemented for first 14 days after crew changes

All travel, except strictly business-critical travel, is suspended or postponed

Home working is continuing, following specific office and operations risk assessments

Some staff are being allowed to return to offices that are located in countries where governmental restrictions have been lifted, with relevant safety measures put in place

Hosted events, such as technical seminars, have been postponed until further notice. These have been replaced by bite size online webinars, attended by many clients

Together with other seismic contractors, Shearwater continues to contribute to a weekly meeting hosted by IAGC, where best practice is shared and world-wide restrictions are openly monitored and discussed.

Our thoughts are with all those whose health and lives are affected by this virus. Shearwater commits to implement the actions required to prevent its spread.

Further information on Shearwater’s Covid-19 response is available from:

Mike Hodge, VP QHSE