Onboard Processing // Shearwater GeoServices

Optimise your acquired seismic data with advanced onboard QC and Processing 

Shearwater's onboard QC and processing is setting a new industry standard with shot-by-shot far field estimation and QC using the near field hydrophones. Our onboard QC and processing are available on all our seismic vessels. 

We use the same Reveal processing software system that is in our onshore processing centres. The onboard facilities allow for real time quality control of seismic data and also high end Fast Track volumes to be provided as part of the acquisition service. 

Standard Onboard QC Processing:

Real Time QC Data Flow

Offline QC Data Flow

Broadband QC Data Flow

QC Brute Stack for every line will be produced with the following processing route

RMS analysis values (Bar) are calculated in order to quantify both noise and signal level in pre-determined target zones

Marine Acquisition Onboard Quality Control Services

Shearwater Advanced Onboard QC Processing:

Seismic Interference Removal & Online QC 

Real-time De-noise using FX-Swell 

Source QC using far field signatures generated from near field hydrophones

Identifying & normalising variations in streamer sensitivity during acquisition

Marine Acquisition Fast Track Processing