Interactive Processing
Shearwater Reveal provides unique interactive processing technology with real time feedback on picks and parameters. More interactivity means intelligent decisions, lower risk and faster turnaround.

  • Real-time Processing

    Designed for production projects

    Alter parameters in real time

    Operates with actual flows, not in a separate environment

    Flows are immediately production-ready with your final tested parameters

  • Interactive Flow Builder

    Build flows instantly while visualizing data

    Job management and parallel processing

    Make use of our extensive suite of example processing flows and sequences

    Seamlessly incorporate proprietary modules and technology

  • Velocity Analysis

    Full real-time configurability

    Live navigation for 2D, 3D & multi-line 2D surveys

    Line-tie analysis

    Picks and stacks can update on the fly, allowing for instant QC

  • Crossplot Visualization

     Plot any header in the crossplot view

    Quick navigation through datasets

    Geometry QC

    Flexible amplitude plots

    Live "hover" plots

    Support for billions of points

  • 2D/3D Visualization

    Immediately sort between inline, crossline, and timeslice views

    Synchronized views between multiple volumes and lines

    Map-style crossplot navigation between nearby lines

    Horizons and line intersection views