Polar Duchess

The Polar Duchess delivers ultra-wide tow, broadband and long offset configurations.

The Polar Duchess has a strong track record of working in frontier exploration areas, safely managing the HSE exposure associated with multiple deployment and recovery operations.

This means the Polar Duchess can efficiently acquire large survey programs in harsh operational conditions minimising standby time for our clients. 

Cost efficient

Flexible towing configurations

Fully steerable and acoustically braced solid streamers

Experienced crews & support organisations, including multi-vessel/ undershoot operations

Onboard Processing & Imaging Services, integrated Instrumentation, QC and Processing Department

  • Key Facts

    • Built
    • 2011
    • Total Propulsion
    • 2 x 7100 kW
    • Bollard Pull
    • Approx. 200T
    • Cruising Speed
    • 17 knots
    • Seismic Cable Configurations

    • Up to 12 streamers
    • Airguns
    • Bolt LL up to 10,000 cu. in @2000 psi

    • Compressors

    • 3 x LMF 1695 SCFM
    • Signature Estimation
    • Far field from near field

    • Streamer Type

    • Sercel Sentinel

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