Agile, responsive teams of experts, available when, where and for however long you need them. Get high-quality data rapidly, reduce costs and build in flexibility at the heart of your project.

Shearwater's processing and imaging experts provide a truly integrated service for your processing and re-processing projects. Our experienced onboard and onshore processing teams provide you with the expertise and service to achieve the highest quality 2D and 3D imaging in all geological environments. What's more, access to our own in-house clusters and proven use of cloud computing mean that we provide the results to you in a time frame that allows you to meet your decision deadlines.

Our proprietary Reveal software has been entirely developed in the 21st century and provides a modern, highly interactive and user friendly platform for all aspects of processing and imaging. From onboard RTQC to final model building, our experts use the same Reveal user interface to provide a cost effective service and superior data quality.

You will benefit from our in-house R&D team who develop new, industry-leading algorithms to provide innovative ways to improve the image quality we deliver.

Shearwater’s main processing hubs are in the UK and US but we have the flexibility to establish project specific centres close to our clients’ offices as required.