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​Shearwater DNA

Purpose, Vision and Values
As an organisation, Shearwater has seen rapid growth and evolution in recent years. To reflect this, we developed our Purpose, Vision and Values to accurately represent our characteristics. We involved our colleagues to create a meaningful set of statements that we will live by and identify with. 

“I strongly believe that a set of values we identify with, actively live and refer to, strengthens the company and serves as a compass on how to behave and to challenge ourselves”

Irene Waage Basili, CEO Shearwater

In a short period of time, we have grown and achieved what we set out to achieve: to become the Leading Marine Seismic acquisition company. Through that transformation, our identity has shifted, and we now need a fresh corporate identity to reflect where we are now and where we want to be, for us all to continue to evolve.

We are calling this the Shearwater DNA.


We measure the earth to increase knowledge of our planet for a responsible future.

The way we interact with the earth is always changing, and over the last century we have become ever more aware of the efforts that are required to make sure that this interaction is sustainable. To responsibly access the natural resources that the world needs, our actions need to be guided by knowledge and understanding. In Shearwater we continuously work to find better ways to “measure the earth” and provide these insights.


With evolution as a driving force, we constantly learn and grow to push the technology boundaries for our clients, while conducting our work with sensitivity for the societies and environment in which we operate.

We inspire, engineer, and operate geoscience for offshore energy solutions, globally, sustainably, and profitably. Through close collaboration with our clients, we understand their challenges and provide them with the best solutions to enable them to achieve their goals and strategic ambitions.

We believe in evolution as a driving force to enable a responsible energy transition. We constantly learn and grow through developing exceptional people in exceptional teams. This curiosity to learn and improve is the core that will take us forward as an innovator, pushing the technology boundaries for the future.


We value Empowerment
Empowerment encapsulates all our other values and forms the basis for our culture. We know that people in all layers of the organization have valuable opinions and we encourage them to share them in an open and respectful manner.

We value Collaboration
We work hard and collaborate to succeed. It is our hard work together as a team that delivers for our clients.

We value Responsibility
We are responsible for solving the challenges we face. We deliver our projects safely, sustainably and to high standards.

We value Curiosity
We encourage curiosity and starting with ‘why’. We continuously innovate, learn, and increase our competency to find new and better solutions.