Depth Imaging // Shearwater GeoServices

Shearwater Reveal offers a complete suite of model building, tomography and depth migrations to complete your 2D or 3D processing. We offer Kirchhoff and Reverse Time Migration algorithms for imaging in any geological environment. Well logs can be imported and included in model building.

With our model building package you can tie velocity models to wells, build salt bodies, and iterate to your satisfaction without having to change software.

  • Kirchhoff Depth

    Kirchhoff pre-stack migration

    2D/3D isotropic, VTI, TTI

    Wavefront-reconstruction raytracing

    Eikonal travel time solver

  • Reverse Time Migration

    2D/3D isotropic, VTI, TTI

    Forward modeling



    CPUs and GPUs supported

  • Model Building

    2D/3D rendering and manipulation

    Horizon-based model building

    Geobodies (prototype)

    2D and 3D views

    Anisotropic scanning

  • Tomography

    2D/3D, NAZ, WAZ

    Automatic/interactive picking

    Automatic dip estimation

    Grid-based reflection tomography

    2D/3D isotropic, VTI, TTI

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