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Considerations on current and future multicomponent streamer design - EAGE

Evaluation of streamer apparition processing results - EAGE

Z-noise attenuation using Gaussian Mixtures Models and unsupervised learning - EAGE

Signature estimation with hybrid dual NFH inversion - EAGE


Marine vibrators: the new phase of seismic exploration - EAGE

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Source ghost generation observations from a dual near-field hydrophone test - EAGE Acquisition workshop

Marine source signature estimation with dual near-field hydrophones - SEG

Signature estimation and drop-out implications for a triple source marine seismic survey - EAGE

Gaussian Beam depth migration of wavelet compressed seismic data - SEG

A seismic apparition experiment on towed streamer seismic data - EAGE

Modulation codes and data processing for seismic apparition of towed streamer seismic data - SEG

Experience of triple source airgun array performance - NPF




Derivation of the far-field signatures of an air-gun array - least square inversion, bubble motion and error analysis - SEG



Broadband Processing with calm and rough seas - SEG