Offshore Performance

Shearwater's world-class vessels are:


    Power and Redundancy separates Shearwater's vessels from the majority of the world's seismic fleet.

    This means we are able to safely tow large and wider streamer spreads in harsh frontier environments. It also allows us to operate safely close to obstructions and field infrastructure, and to work efficiently in areas with very strong currents.

  • Safe

    Safety was inherent to the process of designing Shearwater's vessels, utilising GC Rieber Shipping’s decades of seismic experience, and eliminating hazards to provide safe work environments. 

    For Shearwater, safety is about hands-on risk management, continual improvement, and a strong culture shared by all employees. 

    Safe behaviour is expected of every employee, with very clear line management accountability.


    For more information visit QHSE 

  • Flexible

    Flexibility at Shearwater comes not just from great vessels, equipment and expertise, but also from our attitude and willingness to adapt in order to achieve and exceed our client’s needs.

    Our standard equipment inventories and configurations allow the acquisition of a large range of innovative acquisition techniques, providing high-quality broadband data designed to meet our client’s geophysical objectives.