The Reveal Newsletter

February 2018   

New Analysis Tools, Additional Functionality Updates and New Members to the Team. Click through to find out more!



    The NEW Reveal Newsletter 

    October 2017

    Following our launch at this year's SEG Expo, we would like to welcome you to the first newsletter since OpenCPS became Shearwater Reveal.

    This is a periodic newsletter that aims to highlight recent changes and additions to Shearwater Reveal. In this issue we discuss new tools added, a few updates to tools, and we introduce a new team member.



Tool Enhancements for LineTieCompute & PatchProcessing and New Tools!


We are excited to introduce new tools such as, SODenoise, EdgeDetect and DipEstimatePWD to the Reveal Software. As well as two new software updates and welcoming two new members to the Shearwater Reveal team.