SHarp Broadband Offshore

Shearwater's SHarp Broadband solution combines acquisition design and processing to successfully deliver superior seismic images. The building blocks for this success are:


The specific towing configuration of our in-sea equipment provides the acquisition foundation to our SHarp Broadband solution.  The key variables that need to be considered in order to provide the optimal results are the streamer depth profile and the source depth. These parameters control the frequency content and signal to noise ratio of the data; they determine how much improvement we see in low frequencies, and where we will need to apply de-ghosting. 

Developing an acquisition plan by evaluating which streamer depth profile to use, and how to complement this with the best source depth to deliver the best product, requires careful consideration of our client's geophysical objectives. From this starting point we model the expected frequency content and signal to noise level in the data, and compare the impact on these of various physical acquisition configurations.  The majority of our recent acquisition and processing projects have been SHarp Broadand surveys and we have built up considerable experience with both flat and variable depth streamer profiles.

All of our vessels have the necessary in-sea equipment and towing and handling capability to acquire SHarp Broadband data, plus a proven track record in a wide range of operating conditions and geological provinces.

Our SHarp Broadband source and receiver de-ghosting algorithms allow us to achieve the full, wide bandwidth potential for all of our SHarp Broadband projects.  Our dedicated in-house researchers and software developers continuously refine our de-ghosting algorithms. These now include phase-shift extrapolation, frequency dependent sea-surface reflectivity, and variable sea-surface and receiver depth datuming, all implemented deterministically or adaptively with our Reveal software that is used both offshore and onshore.  This allows us to transition seamlessly from offshore acquisition of raw broadband data to the delivery onshore of high-quality final images, whether the deliverable is a Fast Track or a fully imaged final product. This is achieved by using a collaborative approach with our clients which involves a continuous dialogue with them throughout the planning, acquisition and processing phases of our projects.

From experience, we know we have to carefully consider the local operation conditions; we know how to design equipment configurations and tailor our QC tools to optimise our de-ghosting algorithm; and we know how to efficiently manage the onboard and onshore processing flows to meet your tight deadlines.

Shearwater produces the right equipment, planning, acquisition, processing and software, together with our teams and expertise we provide you with the right full geophysical service.