19th December 2016

Here’s to the past!

It’s no secret 2016 has been an uphill struggle across the entire oil & gas industry. There has been wave after wave of disappointing and unsettling news with little light at the end of the tunnel.

Oilfield services within the exploration sector have been forced into survival mode with many companies falling victim to staff redundancies, sales of assets and unfortunately in some cases bankruptcy.

For graduates and employees who have only been involved in the oil & gas industry a short time, the last 2 years has been a real eye-opener to the harsh realities of this downturn. That said, what’s most impressive is the determination and hard work clearly visible across every company in the exploration sector. We are lucky enough to rub shoulders with not only extremely intelligent people, but also tenacious characters.

In reflection, Shearwater GeoServices have had a brilliant first few weeks in action. We attended three exhibitions, the first being SEG in Dallas where Shearwater was officially launched. We also hosted the OpenCPS European User Group Meeting and received overwhelming feedback from our attendees. And, only a month into operation, Shearwater was awarded our first pure processing contract from The Oil and Gas Authority, with work commencing in the New Year.

We would like to personally thank all those who have supported Shearwater GeoServices, that have contributed to making the early weeks such a success, and finally to each member of staff that have helped influence the team we are today.

Warm wishes this festive season and with 2016 nearly behind us, “Let’s take a drink, and here’s to the past!”

Written by Jolene Hutchinson, Brand & Marketing Coordinator