4th April 2017

Shearwater Technical Seminars: Springtime offers opportunities for fresh growth
Typically the countryside offers opportunities to get outdoors; enjoy the colour, wildlife and vibrancy of spring. At Shearwater the first signs of spring are being observed around the idyllic setting of our Tunbridge Wells offices. So what makes the perfect Shearwater sunny afternoon? Daffodils in bloom, birds chirping, and new-born lambs, all combined with the latest Shearwater technology.

Last week technical seminars were held at the Geological Society in London and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger. Both were very well attended by a range of geoscience personnel including oil and gas companies, consultants and service partners, all keen to discover what Shearwater has to offer.

Kicking off proceedings with a corporate presentation, our new VP of Processing & Imaging Simon Telfer, gave the audience an insight into Shearwater, showing how financially and operationally we are strongly positioned to deliver high quality seismic data. Presentations on key technologies then followed across all business lines from our technical teams.

FlexiSource, our multiple source technique was presented as a key acquisition technology. When combined with our latest in-house shot de-blending technology it offers reduced acquisition cost and risk, as well as higher quality data. The unique offering of our FlexiSource product is that we have the ability to acquire using three 3-string arrays.

Processing and more importantly re-processing of legacy data is key area of growth for Shearwater.  Not just marine seismic, we now process land seismic too! With our in-house R&D teams developing new technology, presentations covered the latest sea-surface profile estimation & variable depth cable for receiver de-ghosting and optimisation of our near field hydrophone de-signature & de-bubble technique. These technologies are available in our tool-box today.

The last area of focus was depth imaging - a technology that has grown inside Shearwater, with technologies like Q-Tomo and Q-PSDM being added to our depth imaging tool-box. With powerful interactive model building software, which now includes well loading capabilities, depth imaging is an integral part of our processing services and an exciting area to be involved in.

A new addition to the 2017 seminars included rolling demonstration of our processing software, OpenCPS. Our software experts were on hand to demonstrate the modern graphical user interface with advanced interactive processing and imaging algorithms. While some attendees had pre-booked demonstrations, it was the interest from other attendees that were drawn in by the software features and were keen to try using OpenCPS for themselves.

As the seminars drew to a close, there was no doubting that Shearwater, like spring in the countryside, is giving the industry new and exciting opportunities.

Written by Stephen Grice, Processing & Imaging Sales Manager