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Focus Emily S Experience As An Intern At Shearwater

1 Sep 2021

INTERNAL FOCUS | Emily’s Experience as an intern at Shearwater

Story from Emily, Supply Chain InternshipBergen - Summer 2021

The first thing I noticed when starting my Supply Chain internship at Shearwater was how I was immediately treated as an employee that could bring value to the company, and there was good overlap with tools used during my studies and during the COVID pandemic such as Teams.

When I had a meeting with Supply Chain manager Raja Yedupati a few weeks prior to my official starting date, I was told I would get the opportunity to contribute to a new and exciting project in the supply chain department of the company. Having the opportunity to speak to someone in the company with a key role, along with the idea that not only was I going into my internship with the intention to learn as much as possible from Shearwater, but that the company had a genuine interest in what I could bring to the company as well was nothing short of very exciting. 

When I started my Business and Management degree at Durham University in 2019 I was still quite unsure what my future career path would look like, but I knew I wanted to work with people and in an environment where one work day was never the same as the next. This is when I started looking into the possibility of a master’s degree in supply chain and logistics, and it quickly became one of my areas of interest. Further, my degree has peaked my interest in areas such as sustainability and big data, which I have realised play huge roles in the future development of supply chain management since gaining hands-on experience, making the thought of pursuing a career within the field even more thrilling. 

I can firmly say that my time at Shearwater so far has made my wish to pursue this career path even stronger. Quite quickly after starting the job I was assigned tasks where I had the opportunity to put the knowledge I had gained through my degree to practice, along with new and challenging tasks where I had to step out of my comfort zone. One thing I have learned from working at Shearwater is that there are always people around to help, my team have been my most valuable resource and from day one I felt comfortable with reaching out to them whenever I was unsure about a task or needed additional input.

My time at Shearwater so far has been one of the most valuable learning experiences I have been part of, and besides quickly learning new skills and better understanding the inner  functions of a corporation I have been so lucky to forge some great new work relationships with the people around me.

Emily interned at the Bergen office, Summer 2021