​​​15th August 2018

Shearwater runners complete the 2018 PESGB Industry Hash Run

Agile, nimble and flexible are three words which Shearwater adopts to describe the ability of its processing & imaging service to work directly with clients and within their countries of operation to ensure a higher-level service is delivered to them in the most efficient way possible, while maintaining Shearwater’s commitment to seismic data quality.
  • These same words were also put into use on a warm sunny evening in Surrey, for the annual PESGB Oil Industry Hash Run, which has become a key social event in the PESGB calendar. From the large group of 20+ Shearwater runners, who frequently partake in running around the beautiful Kent countryside surrounding our Tunbridge wells office, a team of 10 joined colleagues from across the industry to run the Hash.

    What is a Hash Run some may ask? Well basically it is running an unknown course laid out by “The Hare”, for the chasers to complete. This may sound straight forward, which it is until a junction is reached with no indication of the correct route. Runners are then sent in multiple directions until the shouts of “on-on” are heard to alert runners of the correct route. As shown, in the map above, this made for an interesting course as well as running pace. In total the distance ran ranged from 10 to 13km depending on the chaser runs taken.

    (Pictured: The Shearwater 2018 Hash Run Team)

Sarah-Jane Kelland, Getech, (the organiser) commented:

“The PESGB Surrey Branch are very grateful to Shearwater for their strong support of this event, not only by helping to provide the plentiful food following the Hash, but also by fielding the largest team of runners. It is through your help and that of other industry partners, that we are able to keep the tradition of the Hash alive. The aims of this event were outreach and to provide a good networking opportunity with our industry colleagues. Judging by the feedback we have had and the number of people still in the pub at 10.30pm, we did achieve both.”

A full review and photo gallery can be seen on the PESGB Website