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Acquisition platforms

Shearwater’s marine acquisition services are built on decades of major investments in research and engineering. We can offer you high capability seismic platforms, equipped with the most advanced systems, delivering the highest quality products.
Our ocean bottom platforms, towed streamer platforms and our seismic fleet, give you high-quality services – the result of the vast legacy of in-depth knowledge and experience there is in every aspect of our business.
From survey design and planning to maritime and geophysical operations performance, safety management, onboard quality control and processing, all are performed by our teams of highly trained professionals to meet your complex needs.

Deepen your


To measure the earths response, you need excellent receivers.

Seismic sources

Our expertise in seismic sources ensures we are well prepared for any challenge.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.


Ed Hager, our acquisition technology expert is here to help