Seismic sources

We’ve taken a deep dive into seismic over decades and are proud of our high-quality solutions for all manner of environments. Whether you need frontier exploration 2D to highly sensitive 4D, where repeatability is key, we won’t be out of our depth…
We have the reduced high frequency e-source. We can also enhance low frequency signal with Harmony.

The latest string to our bow is our future marine vibroseis technology that we are developing with industry partners.

We can design source, below, to meet your survey objectives:

- Conventional
- Azimuthally invariant
- Multi-level
- Enhanced low frequency broadband (Harmony)
- Environmentally conscious eSources
- Compact sources such as hexa or penta

And, of course, we can boost our broad portfolio of cost-effective, high-quality technologies with the processing and imaging power of Reveal, our proprietary software.
We love to talk about this, so give our geophysics team a call.

Deepen your


To measure the earths response, you need excellent receivers.

Acquisition platforms

Our marine acquisition services are built on decades of major investments.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.

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