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​Licensing Options

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  • Reveal is used internally by Shearwater and is licensed to governmental organizations, companies, contractors, consultants and academics worldwide.

    A modern seismic processor needs a powerful base to work from and the flexibility to leverage powerful higher end technologies when needed.

    Reveal can be purchased as a perpetual license or leased - either on an annual or short-term basis. Users of Reveal are able to short term lease the advanced modules to supplement the licenses already held. Having options provides a powerful and flexible solution to meet our clients' geophysical and financial requirement, without having resources sitting unnecessarily idle.

    The Reveal Base Package is the first building block.  Additional packages can be added to customize your installation and give you the required tools and capabilities.

Key Processing Tools: Reveal Base Package 

The Reveal Base Package is a full processing and visualization package. It allows the user to take raw data through a rigorous sequence to a final image. The Reveal tool box comes well stocked, covering data input/output, geometry, statics, spectral shaping, noise removal, demultiple, interpolation and time imaging – to mention a few.

Advanced Packages: Add-on Technologies

  • Real Time QC

  • The offshore RTQC package is designed to ensure the efficient and effective QC of offshore data during acquisition. As you would expect from a large marine acquisition company like Shearwater, the RTQC dashboard is a crucial element of our data acquisition campaign.

  • Advanced Land

  • Our advanced land processing tools cover all aspects of land processing from refraction statics to final time and depth imaging from datum. The computer intensive land tools are MPI enabled which means computing solutions that were once constrained to a single machine can be divided across your whole cluster. In addition, Shearwater Reveal’s advanced land package includes the latest algorithms such as 5D interpolation, 3D de-noise and automatic shot re-location.

  • Advanced Marine

  • Our advanced marine processing bundle offers an extensive range of tools for any marine seismic processing task. This includes the latest de-ghosting, shallow-water de-multiple and 3D SRME tools to extract the highest value from your conventional or broadband data.

  • Kirchhoff PSDM

  • Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PreSDM) is one of the most commonly used migration algorithms given its robustness and flexibility to be applied in a wide variety of geology settings. Reveal’s Anisotropic PreSDM algorithm has a VTI, TTI and TOR ray-tracer, an Eikonal travel-time solver, common-offset and true-azimuth modes to deliver a pre-stack migration with variable Q compensation.

  • Velocity Model Building

  • Reveal's model building tools incorporate horizon, well and cultural information into the same graphical user interface as all our other processing tools. This enables our geophysicists to combine surface seismic data with external constraint data to optimise the model building process.

    With our model building package you can tie velocity models to wells, build salt bodies, and iterate to your satisfaction without having to change software.

  • Tomography

  • Reveal’s tomography module enables geophysicists to update their velocity models efficiently and accurately in a geological and structurally-consistent manner. Using either automatic or interactive picking options, it is applied to data in 2D/3D, inverting for velocity or anisotropy.

  • RTM

  • Our RTM offers high-end pre-stack imaging in areas of complex geology. Including  vertical transverse isotropy (VTI) and tilted transverse isotropy (TTI) and is supported on both CPUs and GPUs.

  • Full Waveform Inversion

  • Our FWI  uses the latest technology in building high-resolution Earth models for seismic imaging and interpretation. All modelling is performed using an accurate solution of the two-way wave equation, and can incorporate Isotropy, VTI, TTI and Q.

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