Ocean Bottom Seismic

High-Quality, cost-effective acquisition technologies

Shearwater offers high-quality seabed solutions for a range of environments, from deep-water ROV node, shallow-water node, Qseabed ocean bottom cable and hybrid combinations with towed-streamer technologies. Seabed acquisition is a rapidly growing area of the seismic market, leveraging novel techniques and technologies to achieve improved cost and quality. Our broad portfolio of cost-effective, high-quality seabed seismic acquisition technologies is complemented by processing and imaging powered by Reveal.

  • ROV Node

    Our Deep-Water Acquisition capability is currently based on established nodal technology, combined with an amalgamation of Shearwater vessels, leased vessels and crew.  

  • Node-on-a-rope

    With Shearwater's ocean bottom node-on-a-rope (NOAR) source capability, we operate high-quality, safe, efficient operations for large scale OBS acquisition.

  • Hybrid Acquisition

    Shearwater is experienced in highly efficient hybrid surveys, such as nodes and towed streamer deployed from a single vessel. This can provide considerable cost-savings.

  • 3x3 Wide

    Shearwater has developed a unique source capability, with two triple source equipped vessels. These two vessels can deploy three large (>5000cu in) sources with wide separation to enable simultaneous shooting of source lines during Ocean Bottom Surveys (OBS).

  • QSeabed

    The Qseabed system is a cabled multicomponent ocean bottom seismic system with a global track record. It is a single-sensor acquisition system with fully calibrated hydrophones and three-component (3C) accelerometers. This is complemented by unprecedented levels of positioning accuracy and industry-leading source options.