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SHarpPZ is receiver de-ghosting for multi-sensor variable-depth streamers.
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  • SHarpPZ is receiver de-ghosting for multi-sensor variable-depth streamers. With the addition of the measurement of the vertical component (either velocity or acceleration) of the wavefield we are in a better position to estimate the upgoing wavefield and can do so without the sensitivity to uncertainty in acquisition parameters nor the boosting of noise at notch frequencies. 

    The quality of data from vertical component sensors can be reduced at low frequency due to strumming noise on the cables, to which acceleration compensated pressure sensors are relatively immune but accelerometers themselves are not. As such we offer a frequency-hybrid solution of P-only and P-Z sum that exploits the approach with best signal to-noise-ratio at a given frequency. In this way we can achieve a high-quality result over the whole frequency band.

    SHarpPZ can be run on any multicomponent streamer, including Isometrix and Sercel MS. 

  • Based on variable-depth P-de-ghosting algorithm

    Hybrid f-x f-k domain least squares inversion

    Handles irregular offsets

    P-Z sum accepts P + either Az or Vz input

    P-only and P-Z sum results can be blended according to a single frequency or user defines weights

    Option to use faster, flat-cable algorithm in f-k domain (kz-weighted P-Z sum)

    Available across the Shearwater Multi-sensor streamer fleet for various onboard outputs:
        (1) P up, output to any datum
        (2) P total – re-datumed for any historical matching
            (2a)  Can be utilised as an additional QC on receiver depths


Shots: P, Z, P-up


Stacks: P, Z, P-up


FK Shots: P, P only (deghosting), P-up (SHarpPZ)