High end towed streamer


We are proud to introduce you to our fleet of high-end vessels, boasting a range of streamer and source towing capacities. This admirable fleet allows us to conduct any survey – from large-scale, regional 3D exploration surveys, to focused 4D production or injection monitoring.

Our streamer asset pool serves a large range of needs from conventional to high-end multi-component single sensor.
You can add to it from our extensive range of source options to go with it. You can even mix and match – for example, combining conventional and Harmony source. And by combining with eSource as our low impact bandwidth-controlled source, with three options of high frequency suppression to choose from.
Our streamers are steerable and so are some of our sources. We brave the toughest of environments – towing our multicomponent streamers deeper to expand the weather window. Warmer waters are no challenge – we don’t fear barnacles, we manage them!

Obstacles? No problem. We are experienced in close passes . Whatever challenges your project imposes, we choose to accept them!

Whatever your needs, we can tailor our technologies
for efficiency,
resolutioN and

Deepen your

Acquisition platforms

Our marine acquisition services are built on decades of major investments.

Seismic sources

Our expertise in seismic sources ensures we are well prepared for any challenge.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.


Ed Hager, our acquisition technology expert is here to help