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Life on the
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Shearwater owns the industry’s leading fleet of high-capacity towed streamer and ocean bottom vessels. You could say we have seismic and the seas at our command.
We began our adventure in 2016 with a highly experienced team of industry professionals and four modern, high-capacity towed streamer seismic vessels equipped and have since expanded rapidly. You won’t be surprised that, today, we have a fleet of 23 vessels.
Ship sailing with cabels in tow
Our fleet includes two specialist node deployment vessels. One is equipped as a shallow water node-on-a-rope-vessel (NOAR) and the other equipped with dual remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for deep water ROV node deployment. Both of these vessels are unique in the industry for their type as they have their own seismic source onboard too, so can deploy their nodes, perform the source activity and retrieve the nodes - all using only one vessel. Should other external sources also be needed, Shearwater’s large fleet of vessels means that we should always have a suitable vessel available in the region for source work without the need to subcontract to external providers.

Fleet flexibility
and availability

This fleet gives us the flexibility to accommodate all types of surveys for you – from large-scale, regional 3D exploration surveys, to focused 4D production monitoring, using towed streamer, NOAR, ROV node or hybrid acquisition techniques.

Also, many of our Explorer Class assets are ideally suited to working on ocean bottom projects, as they are equipped with dynamic positioning systems and source capability.


Combining acquisition systems means we can deploy the best acquisition configuration to meet the requirements of every survey design and technique.

This ensures exceptional results in even the toughest environments.
Water surging.


Amazon Conqueror
Amazon Conqueror
SW Amundsen
SW Amundsen
Amazon Warrior
Amazon Warrior
SW Baret
SW Baret
SW Bly
SW Bly
Geo Caribbean
Geo Caribbean
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Acquisition platforms

Our marine acquisition services are built on decades of major investments.

Seismic sources

Our expertise in seismic sources ensures we are well prepared for any challenge.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.


Mike Millington, our acquisition technology expert is here to help