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Focus Alette’s Experience As An Intern At Shearwater

1 Sep 2023

Story from Alette, Internship in GeophysicsHøvik - July 2023 – August 2023

I have always had a keen interest in natural sciences and technology, especially how different processes in nature work and how we can study them. Using physics to investigate the Earth seemed like the perfect meeting point of these. This led me to the Geophysics program at the University of Bergen, where I am currently in the final year of my master’s degree.

Before my internship I was intrigued by Shearwater because it is a company that does not only do seismic surveys, or develop technology, but both. The opportunity to be in a place that has such a large pool of knowledge within each of these was very exciting.

Through my internship I got to work on real raw data, which was a bit different from what I am used to. When we work with data in courses the data set is usually processed or prepared for us. Here I got to see the very first steps of this process and take part. This was quite new to me, and I had a lot to learn. Luckily the threshold for asking for help was very low, and I felt like I could always approach someone if I was stuck.

One thing I really liked about my internship is that it never really felt like an internship. Although I was given all the help I could need, I still felt like a real employee. I got to work on the project independently, without anyone watching over me. This felt like a proper look into what working as a geophysicist might be like.

As I return to Bergen to embark on my final project, I am left with a lot of new knowledge and experiences. I feel as though this summer has prepared me for the time after I graduate in a way that school is not able to. I feel more prepared to take the steps out of university and into a career.

Alette worked on unique ocean bottom node data acquired at the Mohn’s Ridge in the mid-Atlantic. The work is part of our collaboration in the EMINENET Project. 

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Alette interned at the Høvik office, July 2023 - August 2023