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Focus Gabriel S Experience As An Intern At Shearwater

1 Sep 2020

INTERNAL FOCUS | Gabriel’s Experience as an intern at Shearwater

Story from Gabriel, E-Learning Digital DesignerGatwick - Summer 2021

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated with creative arts. I was drawn to the many forms of expression and I fell in love with it. Creativity is also something that runs within my family, growing up I took inspiration from the different circles of influence I found myself in. Ranging from drawing & inventing things in my spare time to summers filled with loads of different hobbies such as immersing myself into comic books, video games and team sports, it was those many endeavours that helped develop my creative eye.

My skills began to grow and blossom from that time onwards, studying Art, Graphic Design and English Literature at College to now studying Graphic Design at University of Portsmouth. The 4 years to now are my formative years where I have grown as I got involved in many Art & Design practices such: as Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, Videography, poetry, and content creation. These skills were birthed and developed in the many side hobbies & projects I will work on with friends and family.

It was all of these building blocks that made me the creative I am today.

How I arrived, and my experience so far in Shearwater, has been a journey of new horizons. It started during the end of my second year of university study where I began to search for Summer Jobs & Internships with the aim of expanding my skills, experience, and network. For a month there was radio silence as I waited to hear from the companies I applied to, until the day I received an invitation for an interview with Shearwater. From my previous Internships, Shearwater was unique, to say the least, as it really helped me realise how applicable my course is to many industries, particularly to Seismic Acquisition.

Starting my first week working at Shearwater was an eye-opening experience in terms of seeing the different ways my university studiess aided me in my role as a E-Learning Digital Designer. Every task/project I’ve been given has enhanced a multitude of skills such as time-efficiency, Video-editing/Animation, Creative Writing and ultimately more vividly Graphic Design. Likewise, it has also aided my confidence in presenting and social skills at the workplace as I meet new people at the office.

Now in this present day, writing this blog, what I’ve learnt so far is that this opportunity is an experience I plan to make the most of and finish well to leave a good mark not only on Shearwater, but on the seismic industry.

Gabriel interned at the Gatwick office, Summer 2021