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Focus Jon’s Experience As An Intern At Shearwater

1 Sep 2023

Story from Jon, Internship in EngineeringHøvik - May 2023 – August 2023

From an early age, I’ve held a strong fascination for mathematics and physics, accompanied by an enduring love for creative endeavors. As I journeyed through high school, it became increasingly clear that not only did these subjects intrigue me the most, but they were also where I naturally excelled.

Recognizing the harmony between my interests and strengths, I embarked on a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. This path, I believed, offered the perfect avenue to meld my proficiency in mathematics and physics with my innate creativity, leading to the development of innovative solutions. Collaborating closely with the tribology laboratory at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at NTNU, my bachelor’s project centered on designing a machine dedicated to the testing of various lubrication formulas. Throughout this endeavor, I found myself immersed in a variety of practical tasks, ranging from working with prototypes to engaging with electrical components and circuits. These hands-on experiences not only shifted my perspective but also imparted valuable insights into the intricate aspects of product development.

The allure of Shearwater held a multi-dimensional appeal during the application phase. The presence of an on-site technical laboratory solely focused on new product development and testing greatly intrigued me. Although uncertain about direct involvement, I was deeply attracted to the prospect of observing the integration of laboratory dynamics and office operations.

When arriving at Shearwater they quickly provided me the space to nurture my interest in practical work. Balancing my time between crafting 3D models with SolidWorks and participating in hands-on laboratory tasks building new prototypes, I was able to explore both domains extensively. Over the course of my journey, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in diverse activities, ranging from conceptualizing systems from scratch to crafting prototype components, conducting tests, and even visiting a docked vessel to witness the practical application of our creations. This immersion across different project stages has provided me with a holistic understanding of the multifaceted project development process.

At Shearwater, the ethos of embracing one’s passions was not only encouraged but celebrated. The team’s trust in my abilities translated into a range of responsibilities, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to our collective goals. The knowledge that components I had a hand in crafting would undergo offshore testing is an immensely gratifying realization.

As I gaze toward the future, the upcoming semester marks the beginning of a new chapter. Enrolling in a master’s program in Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Denmark, I look forward to honing my mechanics expertise and gaining fresh insights into managing complex projects.

Reflecting on my journey, Shearwater has been an invaluable crucible of growth. It has adeptly woven together my mathematical, scientific, and creative interests within the sphere of engineering. Through innovation, hands-on experiences, and active contribution, I finish my internship with newfound wisdom and enthusiasm as I step into the next phase of my educational voyage.

Filip interned at the Høvik office, May 2023 - August 2023