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Accelerating seismic processing with the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

10 Jun 2024

polygon iconFaster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly subsurface processing and imaging. That’s the objective of Shearwater’s latest collaboration with NVIDIA.


We’ve previously collaborated with NVIDIA to achieve 10x speedups for Shearwater Reveal, our leading modern, flexible and hardware-agnostic seismic processing platform. Our latest work  leverages the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, named after a computer programming pioneer, within Supermicro’s NVIDIA MGX-based systems. We are enabling Reveal to make use of this superchip.    

Using GH200, we’ll significantly accelerate intensive seismic processing workloads. This collaboration not only enhances our computational efficiency, but also enables quicker data turnaround — providing substantial benefits to Reveal’s high-end imaging and inversion processes. Integrating the GH200 Superchip’s energy-efficient Arm processing cores in the NVIDIA Grace CPU supports our work to reduce emissions from running HPC workloads and promote sustainability within the energy industry. Arm-based processors are known for their low power usage and cost-effectiveness, which helps us reduce operational costs and maintain high performance. 

Lorenzo Casasanta, Principal Researcher at Shearwater, says: “The NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip’s advanced capabilities open new possibilities for us to adapt to additional seismic workloads, further expanding the scope and efficiency of Reveal.

"We’re excited by how this collaboration is driving seismic processing innovation, helping to set new standards in computational efficiency, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.”

Marc Spieler, Senior Managing Director for Energy at NVIDIA, says: “Energy efficiency is a key consideration for enterprises across industries with complex computing workloads. With support for the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip, Shearwater is delivering price-performance and performance-per-watt to its efficiency-conscious users.”  

Leading energy companies use Reveal to achieve their seismic processing objectives. NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs have been used to accelerate the performance of high-end seismic data processing and imaging algorithms in Reveal, enabling faster and more accurate estimation of subsurface properties in complex geological settings. Shearwater is the first seismic processing software company to adopt the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, leading the industry in the future of seismic processing technology.   

This ongoing collaboration aims to ultimately translate into faster time-to-image, improved subsurface resolution and imaging in a fixed time frame, and revenue opportunities for energy providers. In addition to exploration and production, Reveal is used to process seismic data for shallow hazard mapping, wind farms planning, geothermal projects, and carbon capture and storage (CCS).  


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