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Seismic Thinking at the core of new branding

31 Jan 2024

31st January 2024

Today marks a significant milestone for Shearwater as we unveil our new brand identity, aligning with a broader strategic vision and a clearer direction for our future to better serve our clients’ needs in a changing energy landscape.

Our decision is guided by key reasons:

• Shearwater’s Growth: Over the last 7 years Shearwater has emerged as a prominent figure in the seismic industry. Our existing brand no longer fully represents our stature, our capabilities, nor our ambitions.
• Embracing Societal Change: As we accelerate our involvement in the energy transition, our brand must reflect our broader societal commitments.
• Expanding Stakeholder Engagement: With a growing stakeholder and investor base, it’s crucial for us to effectively communicate our identity, the industries we serve, and our future aspiration.

Our new brand is best experienced through our collaborative efforts, yet we are excited to share an excerpt from our refreshed brand story with you:

 "We’re explorers at heart. And like the seabed beneath which we measure, our curiosity runs deep. In a world seeking bold answers to big questions. Questions about the future of energy, the fate of our environment, and the nature of the Earth.
Businesses need people they trust to navigate the uncertain, measure the unknown, make change happen faster.
With the grit to succeed, the know-how to lead and a pioneering spirit,
Shearwater is an experienced team of smart disruptors and doers. Daring to discover”

This story captures the essence of Shearwater: our relentless curiosity, commitment to innovation, and dedication to answering the big questions facing our world.

While embracing this new identity, we remain firmly committed to our core business – serving Exploration & Production through seismic surveys. We continue to develop and commercialise new technologies like Pearl, Reveal software tools, and other seismic advancements. Simultaneously, we are leveraging our integrated value chain to support our clients as they venture into new markets. At the heart of it all is our ‘SEISMIC THINKING”.

In our new logo you’ll see our diving bird “W”. The diving bird not only represents the unique underwater foraging style of our namesake but symbolises the drive and focus of our business to find answers to the planet’s deepest questions.

We partnered with Siegel+Gale, a global brand strategy, design and experience firm to help us in this process and Duncan Kelly, S+G’s Design Director, express the new brand platform as follows:

 “Established as a leader in the Geoservices industry, Shearwater needed a brand identity that reflected their position in the sector and their expansive vision. They engaged Siegel+Gale to develop a bold purpose-led brand platform centred on their quest to uncover unknowns and contribute to energy security. Simplicity, a cornerstone of the collaboration, enabled the development of a compelling story and brand that effortlessly cuts through. The refresh goes beyond aesthetics, aiming for a deep audience connection through visual and verbal language that reflects the company’s daring commitment to innovation and exploration, with ‘Seismic Thinking’ propelling the brand expression. This collaboration underscores the company's dedication to innovation and exploration and modernises the brand for a sustainable new era in the realm of cutting-edge ocean floor exploration.”
Duncan Kelly, S+G’s Design Director

Discover more of our new website, particularly the new presentation of our services and solutions.

We look forward to continuing our journey together.

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