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Petrobras and Shearwater have entered into a collaborative technology agreement aimed at reshaping seismic exploration and field developments in Brazil

22 Nov 2023, 12:00am

The multi-year strategic partnership is set to evolve the seismic industry to new levels of performance.

Central to this endeavour is Shearwater’s marine vibrator, with the engineering name of project BASS. This innovative seismic source technology promises significant gains in operational efficiency, seismic data quality, and reduced sound emissions when compared to traditional methods. This enduring commitment will encompass the industrialisation of Shearwater’s marine vibratory source technology and associated services for the Brazilian offshore basins.

 "This project aims to accelerate the exploration and development of the Brazilian fields, leveraging increased operational efficiency, innovative geophysical improvements and better control of seismic frequencies emitted in the Brazilian waters.”

Roberta Alves Mendes, Reservoir Technology General Manager at Cenpes Petrobras

"This historic collaboration merges cutting-edge technology and innovation with our well-established business rapport with Petrobras in Brazil. The combination of this groundbreaking seismic source with our inhouse Pearl node technology, empowers Shearwater and Petrobras to elevate the standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability within the realm of seismic solutions.”

Irene Waage Basili, CEO at Shearwater