The world is your oyster with Pearl, the world’s smallest and lightest ocean bottom seismic node.

Resembling its namesake, Pearl nestles securely on the ocean bed, waiting to reveal its value to those of us at the surface.
Using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), Pearl’s compact size, long battery life and entirely wireless systems, creates an unprecedented opportunity for smart survey designs.
Machinery inside a ship.
Birds eye view of water. White surf over dark blue water.
Whatever the conditions, with Pearl, we can give you more – larger and denser spreads, longer listening times and better signals to let you to see things you couldn’t see before

Backed by the power of Shearwater Reveal and the depth of capability of Shearwater’s fleet, Pearl gives you access to unparalleled potential in efficiency and flexibility.

Up to 6 times more nodes in a single ROV loaD and 30% more time efficient to deploY for 150 continuous recording days

Yellow craft is suspended above open water.

Deepen your


To measure the earths response, you need excellent receivers.

Seismic sources

Our expertise in seismic sources ensures we are well prepared for any challenge.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.


Susanne Rentsch-Smith, our acquisition technology expert is here to help.