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We know that while we are strong, we are stronger together. That’s why we pioneer cutting-edge research through collaboration with centres of excellence to bring more efficient and effective, more environmentally friendly products and services to you.

Collaboration needs commitment, trust and mutual respect among the companies and researchers involved. We share all our technology with clients, and they share with us - because we recognise that we’re not in competition.


By working with other major players in the industry, we boost the quality and impact of research, enhance the skills and knowledge of researchers and foster new heights of innovation and creativity. It’s especially important for those complex and interdisciplinary research challenges that need diverse perspectives and expertise.


A prime example of how our collaborations enable major breakthroughs in technology developments is Shearwater's Reveal – the leading commercial seismic processing and imaging platform. We joined forces with NVIDIA to give clients the best performance and the lowest cost and carbon impact.

It’s a win-win for NVIDIA as working together to increase the usage of graphic processing units gives them the spin off business benefit of selling more units.
Also, we collaborated with ConocoPhilips to bring compressive seismic imaging algorithms to Reveal users. The reason that CoP partnered with us is because they wanted to put their technology into a modern platform which prioritises R&D and in a financially secure company which would ensure that they would have a long term home for their tech.

Together with Equinor, Vår Energy and Aker BP we also developed an innovative seismic marine vibroseis that reduces noise emissions while improving efficiency when compared to conventional sources.
And we’ve entered a partnership with Petrobras centred on our marine vibroseis seismic source technology which will evolve the seismic industry to new levels.

We’ll continue to push boundaries of innovation with more collaborations just waiting to happen.

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We pioneer cutting-edge research through collaboration.

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