With a keen eye on the future, we’ve invested in many cloud-based initiatives over recent years. We group these in a program we call Monsoon. This digital environment gives us, and you, flexibility by simplifying data access and promoting collaboration, through the power of cloud computing.
Monsoon works for clients that seek the project experience of our acquisition and processing experts with the convenience of contemporary computing solutions.

With cloud, we can perfectly meet your need. By scaling resources according to demand, we can be highly productive, retaining the flexible and competitive nature that we’re known for. And by using the flexibility of cloud alongside our on-premises solutions, we can be nimble and adaptable. Our commitment to Monsoon means that our approach to cloud solutions will continuously develop.


Monsoon lets us truly collaborate seamlessly, globally. We can work with you as one team – maximizing the shared value of information to achieve the best results for your business.

Whether our geophysics teams are in remote locations or onboard our vessels presents no problem for interactions. This enables us to push further and create more value at earlier stages of your project.




We’re harnessing the power of cloud to give unprecedented access to project data, securely.

Whether it’s access to Shearwater’s Processing and Imaging teams’ test results, the need for our geophysicists to access key data shared by you, or rapid access to intermediate or final deliverables, we simplify the data exchange, minimizing data movement and duplication.
We use internet connections or cloud transfer devices depending on circumstances, all while still honouring data sovereignty regulations that challenge how we work.

We don’t push clients to use our cloud or any other specific cloud environment. We select the environment to match your plans, geography or economics. We recognise that efficiency comes when we minimise data movement. Monsoon is cloud provider agnostic – ready and able to operate on all major platforms, to suit your internal programs.

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