With our extensive experience and inventory, we have the capability and flexibility to design a source to suit your need. Within our fleet we operate the industry standard air sources supplied by Teledyne or Sercel. So, be it frontier exploration, 2D, to highly sensitive 4D where repeatability is key, especially the source signature, we can match or tailor a source to your project.
You can have a multi-level depth source to help with the source ghost elimination, or you can have an azimuthally invariant source for when you want to eliminate source directivity. The latter is particularly advantageous in ocean bottom node or permanent reservoir monitoring surveys where you naturally have many azimuths in a common receiver gather.
Many of our sources are steerable. We have continuous active and passive near field hydrophone (NFH) recordings – a well established procedure for accurate broadband de-signature of seismic data. We offer these for source signature estimation, and imaging and processing modules that benefit from near offset records. Some of our vessels also have dual NFH for redundancy at the same depth, or for advanced processing at different depths.

Conventional sources can be towed wide for efficiency gain as well as enhanced near offset distribution. We also have the option for towing sources at zero offset.

And if you’re not sure what you need, just speak to our expert team and we can help you.

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