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You need to be in sync with seismic. That’s why we created Harmony – a perfect union of leading-edge geophysics and operational excellence for deeper seismic exploration.
Harmony generates low frequencies by using the physical process of frequency locking, where pressure fields between the bubbles interact. This allows for better low output with standard chambers. Standard chambers are widely available, more reliable, safer and easy for our crews to handle. What’s more, Harmony integrates seamlessly in our existing source strings and can be deployed on any of our vessels providing a safe and robust source.


Harmony boasts a remarkable downward shift of half to one octave in the dominant frequency, significantly improving wavelet resolving power. For you, this translates to a positive impact on reservoir characterization and full-waveform inversion, offering a deeper understanding of the sub-surface terrain.

You don’t have to compromise. With Harmony we get great low frequencies right through the desired seismic bandwidth, without having to resort to larger source chambers.


There is more. Outside the meaningful seismic bandwidth, Harmony also emits less high-frequency energy than equivalent standard arrays. That means our source effort is focussed on generating the energy we need without waste.
We can operate Harmony in many modes, a flexibility that comes from Harmony using only one air source string.  That means that on top of enhancing lows for full wave inversion, both with nodes and streamer, we can combine Harmony with other air source designs, in single and multi-source modes, or for long-offsets – however you need it.

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