Shallow water NOAR


Our shallow-water, ocean bottom, node-on-a-rope (NOAR) capability is second to none. In fact, we are experienced in executing high quality, safe and efficient operations for large scale NOAR acquisitions, if that’s your need.

While remotely operated vehicles are the node deployment method of choice for operating in deep water, the NOAR method is highly efficient in shallow to medium water depth.
Autonomous nodes are attached to ropes – fast deployments and retrieval speeds can be achieved by highly automated systems such as ours. The NOAR system is similar to a seabed cable system but doesn’t need power and telemetry and can be deployed with almost any receiver spacing.

The SW Vespucci is equipped with a NOAR handling system and has a strong track record of acquiring surveys this way.

NOAR being deployed on the ocean bottom

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